Safe Floor Solutions, a division of Wetzel Flooring, is proud to be the Exclusive Sure Step provider in Ohio and the Tri-State!

Any Ceramic, Porcelain, Concrete, Stone, or Marble floor can be transformed from slippery to safe.

Bath Tubs, Showers, Pools and Spas Too!

Our solution is NOT a coating! it increases the traction of the floor surface without affecting the look and feel at all.

No more floor mats, no more “slippery when wet” signs. Let our trained technicians turn your slippery when wet into SAFE when wet, and prevent injury or litigation.

How Does It Work?

Our Safe Floor Solution is applied by our technicians and then promptly removed, leaving zero residue, film or coating. Our products will not change or alter the appearance of the treated floor or bathtub.

– Requires no shutdown time.

– Is not a sealer, sprayed on film or coating.

– Is not an etching treatment.

– Is Applicable for indoor or outdoor installations in all types of weather.

– Needs no change to existing cleaning regimen, and requires no special cleaning products.

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See it in Action

Safe Floor Solutions works on your tubs and showers to make slips a thing of the past, all without changing the appearance of your surfaces.

Watch this kitchen transform from being a breeding ground for ambulance rides to being a insurance company’s dream.

Kitchens, both industrial and residential, are notorious for slips and falls. Watch how Safe Floor Solutions transforms “Slippery When Wet” into “Safe When Wet,” reducing the risk of injuries and liability for your employees or customers.

A local hospital in Cincinnati was in need of safe floors. Heavy traffic and rain makes this entrance prone to slips and falls. Safe Floor Solutions stepped in to take the worry away from walking.

Did You Know?

    • Each Year, More than One Million People go to the Emergency Room for Injuries Sustained in Slip and Fall Accidents.

    • Falls are the Primary Cause of Lost Days from Work.

    • Slip and Falls are a Leading Cause of Injury for all Age Groups.

    • The Average Cost of a Slip and Fall is $60,000 to $70,000.

Safe Floor Solutions Also Leaves Your Floors looking Brand New

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